In lockdown? Maybe you should consider journaling

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic meaning that the world continues to be under various states of lockdown or restrictions study after study has been showing that stress levels are high for many people affecting mental health and wellbeing.

While there are numerous guides that exist to combating the effects of pandemic-induced stress we've certainly found solace in a practice that existing well before COVID-19 and something we'd done long ago (hello parent enforced travel journals).

Journaling was having a resurgence well before COVID-19 but as much of the world retreated inside and our mental health came into focus it became a welcome process for many to self-reflect and keep track. Whilst journaling can have a number of benefits the key is the relationship between self-reflection and tracking progress which allows the creation of a growth flywheel.

Tracking progress and planning is important as it can reinforcing momentum by creating a powerful daily habit that can smooth the bumpy ride through uncertain times. On the other side setting aside purposeful time for self-reflection can provide much needed space for situating ourselves better in the context of our environments. Importantly, these two aspects in combination support positive mindsets and can reduce the stress caused by external factors and make lockdown just a little easier to deal with.

Not sure where to start?

We started off with a physical notebook (like this amazing one from Papier) but we are a little old-fashioned like that but if you feel like you might need something you can keep on your phone or computer you can try one of these great digital offerings to support your journaling journey.

Journalistic is a micro journaling app with minimalistic design, pristine writing experience and powerful insights. While you write, Journalistic aggregates information from your entries, tags, and mentions and compiles them into meaningful insights, e.g. how many times you went surfing in the last month or where and when you have met someone for the first time.

JournalBook is a private, offline-first personal journal. Your notes are only stored on your device, they're never even sent to a server. As well as traditional written entries, you can use JournalBook to track sleep, medicines, anxiety, exercise, habits, or just about anything else you fancy.

Journal Together 
Journal and keep tabs with your friends all over email. At the end of every day, you'll receive an email from Journal Together. The very next day, you'll receive a group email with your friends, with what everyone wrote. It's as simple as that.