Lullabies for grown-ups: why you should listen to music before bed

Just as gentle rhythms and lullabies helped us to fall asleep when we were younger - music can offer a simple way to help you fall asleep when you are older.

In fact studies have shown that adults who listened to 45 minutes of music before sleep had better sleep quality and this happened from the very first night. In addition, it was reported that this seemed to have a cumulative effect with sleep quality improving with each additional night of listening to music.

Not only has music been shown to increase sleep quality it can also reduce the time that it takes to fall asleep. A study saw the introduction of music reduce the time taken to fall asleep by at least 50%.

If you don’t already have a sleep playlist we recommend trying one of the ones we found below:

If you want to read more about the science of sleep and music you can visit the Sleep Foundation where they have a great deep dive on the topic.